Help Meeting the essay length requirement

Knowing how lengthy your essay should be will impact whether or not you will be able to write decent school papers. Furthermore, it assists you in meeting the length requirements, which are occasionally + or – 10% of the recommended word limit. For example, if your essay is supposed to be 500 words double-spaced, you can submit an essay with 450 words and get the best score.

When creating a college paper, adhering to the recommended length shows your instructor that you followed the requirements. Although it is tempting to employ run-on phrases, fillers, and verbose language, there are genuinely working and tried strategies you may use to make your college paper lengthier when you have run out of space.

How can it be possible to fail to achieve the length requirement?

  • Failure to achieve the length requirement can occur for a number of reasons, including:
  • Not showing up to class when a concept was being discussed;
  • Failure to break down your work in accordance with the essay prompt;
  • You failed to pay attention in class and are unable to distinguish between topics.
  • Too exhausted to conduct research, write, and edit a paper;
  • Assignments written at the last minute;
  • You don’t grasp the topic assigned to you, or you can’t discover credible references to back up the information in your article.
    When this mystery strikes, you may become the most worried soul in academia. However, we are about to discuss various ways you might professionally increase the length of your essay.

Hire a professional writer to help

You might have already started writing or you have hired an essay writer and you have now finished your research paper, term paper, or essay and are at a loss on what to add, it’s time to engage a professional editor or proofreader. This is where essay checkers/graders come in handy in many circumstances. Here at, our Professional Nursing Essay Help service helps you get all the essay requirements right the first time.

A professional will go over the instructions, the rubric, and what you wrote. They can then omit the unnecessary parts and replace them with content that supports your thesis statement or fits the standards of your topic.
A professional can also help you rephrase your work if you went over the word limit.

Our expert can guarantee that each paragraph contains a single topic, proof from scholarly sources, and relevant illustrations. They will revise your topic and conclusion lines, as well as add transition words, to make your essay sound more scholarly.

You’re composing essays or term papers for someone who already knows a lot about the subject — a professor, tutor, or instructor. As a result, you must present comprehensive arguments and counterarguments, including proof, facts, and data. When someone evaluates your paper, they will be able to point out any omissions you may have overlooked.

How our service will help you lengthen your essay

The first and foremost reason you can trust us to finish your essay and meet all the requirements is that we have very talented researchers who have knowledge in how to conduct proper research and add materials to your essay.

When writing, use examples.
If you’re wondering if examples may help you write a longer essay, the answer is yes! You make assertions when writing an essay. If you discover that the arguments you made are not supported by relevant instances, elaborate on them.
Make use of Quotation
Any well-researched paper will incorporate quotations. The quotes, however, must be contextual, relevant, and properly attributed. As a result, it is simple to add an extra argument, support an argument, or oppose a concept by utilizing quotes to extend the length of an essay.

Go over your introduction and conclusion again.
You will notice some change in your thoughts when you begin drafting your paper. When editing the body of your work, you will notice that you have new points or information. However, if you are not willing to go through your introduction and conclusion, these points may float around in the body.
Cite your sources when you write your paper.
Most students make the error of writing and quoting later, which results in a lower word count for their essays. Instead, while researching, planning, and writing, you can write while including important citations.

Keep each paragraph to one idea.
If you stick to one idea per paragraph, you can write a strong topic sentence and back it up with facts in the body of the paragraph before writing the paragraph’s conclusion statement.
Go over your arguments and counterarguments again.
If you find that your essay is shorter than it should be, go over the main arguments and counterarguments again. Furthermore, there is a chance that you can improve the arguments by providing instances, using a quotation, citing sources, or expanding on the concepts.

Things to avoid when extending your essay

The idea is to extend your research paper, term paper, or essay without violating academic writing requirements. As a result, there are some taboos you should avoid. Avoid the temptation to do the following things in the name of raising the word count of your essay to match the length requirements:

  • Never write numbers in your essay. When utilizing editors like Grammarly, you may be tempted to turn the numbers to words. Avoid this temptation at all costs, as it could cost you grades.
  • Never widen the gap between lines and characters.
  • Do not bloat the header.
  • Use only the recommended fonts and font sizes.
  • Your essay’s margins should not be expanded.
  • Make commas and periods the same font size as the rest of the paper.
  • Never include graphics or charts in the body if they can be found in the appendix.
  • Never add more than the recommended number of quotes in your essay.

These are some creative techniques to make a paper lengthier, which may eventually cost you a grade. Many websites have detailed the tactics, but they can result in a warning or, worse, a failing grade. Try none of the methods listed above. You don’t want to tarnish your reputation or become the class clown.

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