How to write Non-plagiarized nursing papers

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Types of plagiarism to avoid

The following are the five most prevalent types of plagiarism:

  1. Plagiarism of an entire text by someone else is referred to as global plagiarism. For instance, if you pay someone else to write an essay or assignment for you, or if you find a text online and submit it as your own, you are going to commit global plagiarism.
  2. The act of directly copying someone else’s words is referred to as verbatim plagiarism. Even if you delete or change a few words here and there, if the structure and the majority of the words are the same as in the original, it is verbatim plagiarism.
  3. Plagiarism defined as rephrasing someone else’s ideas is known as Paraphrasing plagiarism. So long as you properly cite your sources, paraphrasing is not plagiarism. When you read a source and then rewrite its points as if they were your own, you are committing plagiarism.
  4. Patchwork plagiarism is when you take parts of different sources and stitch them together to create a new work. This can include slightly rephrasing passages while retaining many of the original’s words and structure, as well as inserting your own words here and there to connect the plagiarized text. For instance, nursing research papers are quite intense and meeting the minimum word requirement is not easy. Students will paste from outside sources which leads to plagiarism. If you need help meeting the minimum word count, hire our writers now!
  5. Self-plagiarism is the practice of reusing your own previous work. This means using a past paper that you submitted to the school and using it as a new assignment for the new submission. When you use ideas, phrases, or data from previous assignments, you may be committing self-plagiarism. Reworking old ideas and passages, like paraphrasing, is not inherently plagiarism, but you should cite your previous work to make the origins clear.

Tips for Avoiding unintentional plagiarism

While global plagiarism is always intentional, many instances of plagiarism are unintentional. In most cases, accidental plagiarism involves errors in quotation, paraphrasing, and citation.

  • Correct quotation
    To avoid plagiarism, always use quotation marks when using someone else’s words, and make sure the quote is clearly attributed to the correct source.
  • Paraphrase Correctly
    When paraphrasing, make sure to completely rewrite the text in your own words. It is not enough to simply change some synonyms or the order of words to avoid plagiarism. In addition, include a citation that clearly shows which ideas came from the source and which ideas are your own.
  • Correctly cite
    Citing your sources is essential for avoiding plagiarism. It is critical to include two things whenever you use ideas or information from a source:
  • An in-text citation that cites the source briefly.
    A complete reference that allows the reader to locate the source on their own.

You must format your citations correctly according to the rules of the citation style you are using. You may be committing plagiarism if you do not include all of the necessary information or if you place it in the incorrect location.

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